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Fast Track Swim Lessons

Fast Track Swim Lessons is the best way for your 3-5 year old to learn how to swim! 
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In Fast Track Swim Lessons, we teach a 30 minute swim lesson like you would find in our swim lessons program. The lesson is then followed by free play time in the pool which allows for kids to become more comfortable in the water and practice the skills they learned at their own pace. Before the day is over, we will regroup the kids to finish off the day with a refresher of the skills worked on that morning.

At ages 3 to 5, swimming 5 days in a row will help your child retain the gross motor skills that they developed in the previous lesson. Not only that, any fear of water that they conquered on any given day is less likely to return by getting in the water the next day.

All lessons are from 9:00am - 12:00pm. Drop off starts at 8:45am. Pick up ends at 12:15pm.

Summer Schedule


JUNE 10 - 14


Franklin Athletic Club Members: $250/Week

Non-Franklin Athletic Club Members: $280/week

Please call 248-762-2697 to register today

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